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Different uses, purposes and benefits of portable light towers

Everyone knows that in these days, usage of portable light towers for sale has been remarkably increased. Especially in construction industry and for manufacturing concerns, these corporate entities consider acquisition of light towers as their primary capital expenditure because they know it would be very difficult to operate and execute trade activities in absence of this magical invention. As from name, one can easily evaluate that these light towers are portable and so, you can move them from one place to another. This element of flexibility is one of the major element due to which businesses/companies prefer to use this useful facility. Some important benefits of using mobile light towers include a) there would be no need to arrange electricity connections in it b) you can use it at anyplace and anytime c) highly flexible d) high lighting capability e) addition in power f) not that much expensive etc. You know that millions of people are working in construction industry. Also, sometimes they have to execute their tasks in extremely dangerous and tough conditions. In these situations, remember that availability of this modest equipment has made life easy of workers and all others working at construction sites. 

Major customer base 

It is a frequently asked question. Attention should be given that customer base of lighting tower is not merely restricted to construction companies but also other institutes/organizations procure this equipment very frequently. For example schools/institutions, sports clubs, manufacturing entities, warehousing service providers, mobile food vans etc. All these entities/institutes prefer to acquire this useful equipment due to its countless benefits. Some important benefits are listed below: 

Less fuel consumption 

Yes, first thing which one should have to notice is that it produces its own electricity. Usually, small generator is installed in it which produces electricity and portable lighting tower can operate in any place irrespective of the provision of electricity at specific places. On other hand, one should also have to brace that it does not consume much fuel as an ordinary 10 kva generator usually consumes. People sometimes feel reluctance in acquiring this facility because they think they have to spend too much on fuel and maintenance expenses. This modest equipment is designed and fabricated in a manner which do not consume much fuel and even, it is a cheaper source than electricity.   

High lighting capabilities 

It has been observed that portable lighting tower generate 5 to 6 times higher light than a stationary tower. This is due to the fact that portable towers are always designed to meet construction site needs. At construction sites, everyone knows that you need as much light as can be arranged and so, these mobile lighting towers are far more powerful than stationary lighting towers. 

Low maintenance 

Although you might feel it expensive as its acquisition cost is slightly higher than stationary lighting towers. However, denial cannot be constructed on this proven reality that still it is a cost effective option. This is because it does not consume much fuel. Moreover, it does not incorporate too much wear and tear or maintenance cost. Recent survey and studies in Australia has proven this fact. It has been observed that a fewer or negligible quantity of mobile lighting towers usually brought to repairing workshops. It means that business entities and especially construction companies which use this asset very frequently should have to think about it so that they can cut material expenses. Like for businesses, nothing would be more important than saving cost and expenses.  


No one can deny that this contemporary invention is a blissful and lucrative investment. It is a onetime expense which can be capitalized for years and years. Also, it would curtail the exposure of future maintenance expenses materially. So, either you are working in construction industry or not, if you need to acquire this equipment, one thing which you need to consider is that you select a best supplier or manufacturer of this heavy mobile equipment. Note that poor selection of supplier would not only waste your cost due to poor quality product but also would let you in stressful situations in future.