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Orthodontics and other branches of dentistry

Science and technology has helped the man to progress a lot in every sphere of life but this progression slightly exceeds in the field of medicine because the field of medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds as there is no such disease left which does not have a cure or at least a treatment. People used to name an illness as an evil attack when they were unable to understand the particular disease. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where we have been provided with the best of medications, surgical treatments and many other such medical procedures. The branch of medicine can further be divided into various categories on the basis of the body parts and organs. These categories may vary from the branch of dentistry to the branch of cardiology. Dentistry is further subdivided into number of branches like orthodontics in Templestowe, endodontic and many more, which we are going to be discussed in this article. 


Everyone is well aware with the fact that the field of medicine is divided into number of branches. This division is based upon the kinds of body parts and organs. There is a field of cardiology which is related to heart, and then there is field of neurology which is related to nerves. Similarly, one such field is the field of dentistry. It is the branch of medicine which deals with the teeth, jaws, gums, etc. This branch of medicine is much more than mere treatment of oral diseases or disorders; it also involves the diagnoses of various oral conditions. The person who has specialised in the field of dentistry is known as the dentist or a dental surgeon. The branch of dentistry can further be divided into various categories; some of which are going to be discussed in the following article.  


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which concentrates on the alignments or straightening of irregular teeth sets. Moreover, it also deals with the positioning of asymmetrical jaws. In addition to that, the process of dentofacial also comes under the category of orthodontic as by the proper alignment of the teeth set or jaws the desirable shape of the face is achieved. It will not be incorrect to say that orthodontics is much more than mere improvement of looks as it refines the speech as well. Besides that, it also reduces cavities and related issues. The dentist who specialises in the field of orthodontic is known as an orthodontist and is experienced in treating the oral irregularities. 

Dental prosthetics: 

Dental prosthetics are the artificial parts that are implanted in the oral areas where required. These are mostly meant to fill the missing parts of the teeth, jaws and gums. Moreover, such dental prosthetics are used which aligns the teeth set. There are many different kinds of dental prosthetics which are used for different purposes. These dental prosthetics may vary from the braces to the crown and from bridges to dentures. Each and every prosthetic has its own function, for instance dentures are the set of artificial teeth that fulfils all of the functions of teeth. Similarly, crown is used to cover the teeth implant and other similar procedures. Dental prosthetics are used in carrying out the process of orthodontic as well. 

Other branches of dentistry: 

Endodontic is another such branch of dentistry but this branch deals with the deformations and diseases of soft connective tissues, lymphatic, vascular and nervous elements of the tooth. Then there is paediatric dentistry. As the name implies, this is the field of dentistry which is related to the treatment of the teeth and jaws of the children. Similarly, prosthodontic, periodontics and other related branches also come under the field of dentistry. 


Medicine is the field of science which deals with the treatment and cure of various diseases, disorders, deformations and many more such conditions. Dentistry is the field of medicine which is concerned with the treatment and cure of teeth, jaws and gums of the human being. Dentistry can further be categorised into various branches like orthodontic, endodontic, paediatric dentistry and many more. “Generations dental” offers the best services of orthodontic and children’s dentistry.