All about contemporary indigenous art

Contemporary indigenous art and aboriginal dot paintings has a close association with Australian art world widely. It has become a popular addition in the art galleries and art collections of many artists in Australia. 

None of you may be aware of the hidden mysteries, sacred stories and spiritual meaning of some of the symbols used in this art. Contemporary indigenous art has hidden meaning made by the artist. To understand what the artist has made hidden in his art, you need to study the aboriginal dot paintings closely. It is required to look deeper into the artist’s strong connection and love for his land, respect for animals and their must be studied keenly how they depict dream side of their life in their paintings. Aboriginal dot paintings have a unique concept which has many beliefs and hidden layers that need to be explored. There are lot of mysteries related to contemporary indigenous art, people call it story of dreaming. 

The origin of aboriginal dot painting: 

After the papunya art movement began in Australia in 1970’s, there came into being aboriginal dot painting.  The papunya art movement gave the artist courage to put their art symbols and dream sides in front of the world by painting it on grounds to make it permanent instead of a canvas. The aboriginal dot painting involved maps made of circles, spirals, dashes and lines. As the interest of people raised in contemporary indigenous art, it became a requirement to secure the hidden mysteries and messages expressed by symbols of the aboriginal artist.  

Every symbol tells a story: 

Aboriginal dot paintings have hidden symbol used in various art styles that can relate to the hidden stories and mysteries of their artist. Aboriginal dot artist uses many patterns to express the hidden story using straight and curved lines, dots and circles, spirals and crossing that has a separate meaning and a separate story related to each. Aboriginal dot painting came into existence when the aboriginal people thought that the word will reveal their sacred and private knowledge. These symbols have different meanings. Each of them represents a different story for example; campsites are believed to by symbolized by circles, straight lines used between circles are believed to be the routes and a ‘u’ represents people sitting. There are many other signs and many other hidden mysteries in each sign.  

This art form has a type where internal anatomy of an animal can be displayed in a painting. This type of aboriginal dot painting is also known as x-ray art. This type of art is found thousand years ago in rock paintings. This x ray part depicts the anatomy of an animal by making an outline of the animal and then drawing its internal organs within that outline.  

Contemporary indigenous art recorded in rock art: 

From ancient times, this contemporary indigenous art produced a genre in aerial landscape art. These artists in ancient times have recorded their culture in rock art. Finding these art pieces in caves have shown us that people in ancient times used to wear these body decorations on any occasion or ceremony. This body decoration is very similar to the ones they use today. Art from aboriginal dot artist includes, drawings from charcoal, sand art that has become very poplar now days. Naturalistic and figurative art is that type in which you can depict and recognize whatever the artist has tried to draw from the picture of his thoughts. These kinds of paintings are often found in beautiful rock art in northern Australia. 

Today, contemporary indigenous art has merged with the modern art. Now the artist work with the modern materials like canvas and acrylic paints to secure the art that has been coming for thousand s of years and they have been saving it in all conditions. These artists have adapted their tribal art form to the modern world, by using latest techniques in the field of art. They have introduced this art to the western world but keeping the secrecy of their hidden stories and mysteries that came from their ancestors.  

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