All The Steps You Need To Know About Skilled Nomination Visa Application 

If you intend to submit an application for the Skilled Nomination Visa in Australia, you must know there are five important steps that have to be followed. You cannot lodge an application without having completed each and every step. If you don’t complete the process, stick to the pre-requisites and do not submit the correct information, you will lose all chances of getting the skilled nomination visa you were dreaming for. These situations can lead you to financial losses and huge disappointments as well. You might end up getting disheartened due to it. The only way to have your things sorted perfectly is to know what steps are required to be fulfilled in order to get the skilled nominated visa into the process. Let’s get into the steps that you have to follow to complete your application and also look at what happen at each step, as you progress. 

Assessment & Expression Of Interest: 

The skilled migration test begins with a skilled migration assessment. In other words, it is also known as a points test. A very few people know that Australia’s migration system is points based, which means that everybody who intends to apply must have a certain score. Those who fall below it, will unfortunately won’t be able to proceed with the application. If you are unaware of your points score, then you wouldn’t be able to know if you should proceed with the visa procedure or not. Without getting a proper assessment, there are chances that the rejection will increase marginally. So, how can you get the assessment done? The licensed 190 visa migration agent Adelaide will be able to do that for you. Moving on to the next step, when you have completed your assessment, it will be time to submit your expression of interest. The expression of interest is the way you show your interest for a skilled nomination visa application. It is a series of questions that determine your skill and their strength. From your English competency to work experience, a lot of the major factors will be judged. However, you won’t be asked to submit any supporting documentation at this point. 

EOI Review And Invitation: 

This is the application stage when territories and states consider all the Expression of Interest they have collected. This is the point where your interest will be reviewed and gauged properly. Only those skilled workers that the state wishes to nominate are selected here. When the interests have been reviewed properly and the points score is in excess, the selected applicants will receive an invitation to apply for a visa. This invitation is an important and the most integral part of your visa application process, hence it needs to be taken care of properly and must be followed with extreme care. It will curtail some very important factors that you must be notified for your stay in Australia. The invitation will entail the subclass under which you are invited for the application. Furthermore, it will also inform you of the deadline, in which you have to make and submit your solid application. Though these are two major things for the 190 visa migration, but the invitation can consist of any additional information that must be included in your case. In case, you do not receive an invitation, you shouldn’t lose hope. The EOI will be active for a maximum of two years and will stay in the system should you not get an invite this time. However, you must be assured that the people who are willing to migrate to Australia are increasing every day, hence there are chances that some EOIs might never get an invitation to apply. 

Visa Application Submission: 

Now that you have the invitation to apply, you can start the actual preparation of your visa application. This is when you will have to submit your supporting documents that are a must for the application. When you have everything in order and you are sure that you meet all the requirements, go ahead and submit your application. Do remember that it will take some time for the application to process and the word of its acceptance or rejection to reach you. 

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