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Top 5 Attractions At Airlie Beach In Australia

Everyone needs a break from a fast-paced and mundane routine life in order to make a living in Australia. There are different things that a person could do in Australia but most of the weekends revolve around partying on a Friday night and finishing off with the remaining chores later on. The lost connection with nature and within oneself has been causing a lot of disruptive peace of mind issues. Therefore, taking a break every once in a while and having a plunge into the sea or to dig in a jungle would not be a mad idea to reinvigorate one’s soul in Australia. 

The Whitsunday islands are quite famous across Australia for tourism, to chill out and to have fun with family or pals. Primarily because the place has to offer a lot more to leave a person with any free time during the stay over here. There’s another renowned and likable destination, also known as the gateway to the pristine Whitsundays is Airlie Beach: the place is a coastal town surrounded in palm-fringed beaches. There is a wide range of activities and scenic views up for grabs, you can opt for sailing, skydiving or scuba diving, could enjoy the rainforest, take a seaplane to and over the Whitsundays beach, enjoy the nightlife and the alfresco restaurants here altogether. 

You can plan a tour on your own if you have the vast knowledge or else you should take aboard a professional tour booking services from the locally situated company to help you make the most out of your money. The Magnums in Australia is an award winning touring company which helps you in exploring the beauty of Whitsundays, the adventure it offers, the fun it brings in and the natural scenic views that exist to strike a balance with one’s inner peace. They seek help from the locals in devising the plan of your tour so you could reach to the very essence of this place. The best thing is, they are a team of wanderlusts who knows how to turn a holiday into a fun and adventure alike, that too, in a budget friendly way. Therefore, it is always good to consult with them before starting off with the planning phase. 

Moreover, the main attractions that one must not miss out the Airlie beach are given below to help you check them out in your planner, such as: 

Eateries & Food 

Once you have found the budget accommodation Airlie beach, the next step is to start penning down all the things that you want to do there and the first one that comes atop is Food. There are a variety of food options with beautiful views, making the whole experience of eating out worth remembering. The Clipper Restaurant & Bar is one the most famous restaurants at the beach, offering you an uninterrupted view of the coral reef and Whitsunday island. Similarly, eateries at the Abell Point Marine are full of delicious food and great ocean views. Fish D’vine and Rum Bar let you have a dig at their variety of tasty seafood and a collection of more than 500 types of rums, 700 beers, and ciders, to name a few. 

Shop Til You Drop 

There is a market being set up in the morning of each Saturday at esplanade where locally made crafts, jewelry, and clothes. Moreover, the main street of the Airlie beach is a shopping hub to buy swimwear, clothes, oil paintings, abstract stuff, jewelry or even precious pearls. It is another must visit the place during the budget-friendly stay at Airlie beach.

Whitsundays Sailing Adventures

The Whitsundays is famous as a most attractive sailing destination across the globe, considering this, you cannot afford to miss out on the sailing activity during the economic tour to Airlie beach. There are different types of charter boats or ships sail from the beach to the Whitsundays, you can choose your ride as per your requirement and budget in order to have the sailing fun at its best.

Whitehaven Beach 

It is famous for its white sand, you can take a seaplane or the helicopter ride to witness the beauties of the island as well as the great heart reef. You can add a thrill to your activity as well by signing up for the skydiving over the white heaven, the great barrier reef to the Airlie beach. 

Exploring The Hinterland 

One of the best-kept secrets of the Whitsundays hinterland is the Conway National Park. It is just a few minutes away from the Airlie beach, you can walk on its different trails full of lush rainforest and seasonal waterfalls during budget accommodation Airlie beach tour.   

Last but not the least, there’s a man-made lagoon at the Airlie beach where you can swim along with the kids all year around, it is like having your own luxury pool at the beach with a lot of free barbecues, shades, and good music. Considering this, to make the most of your beach tour, it is always good to get a professional touring company aboard in order to list down all the things that a layman must go through at the Airlie beach because at times even Google cannot help you as much as a local can.