How To Choose Perfect Menu & Drinks For Your Event!

Whenever you are hosting any event for an organisation, school or even your own business, there are a lot of elements that need special consideration. Starting with the venue and décor to ending at the food and drinks, the list of considerations just goes on and on. In between all this, it is typically very hard to keep a track of tasks that might get spoiled the last minute. Among these is the catering option that can make or break any event. Every host wants to make sure that the guest leaves the event satisfied with what they were served. We all know that the easiest way of winning hearts and to make an impact in any gathering is to provide people with food that leaves them wanting more. Now that we have understood that the catering part of the event is extremely important, let’s look into the points that will help you choose a perfect menu and drinks to rock your event. 

Consult A Professional: 

Choosing the menu of an event on your own is akin to operating on someone ill without knowing how to. While the example might sound exaggerated to you, we are right on so many levels here. If you want the event to be exemplary and the food to be true to the event you intend to organise, it is mandatory that you consult a professional. Without the proper guidance of a culinary professional, there would be no purpose of planning a menu. Even the drinks require intricacies. Let’s say, you have a high-end corporate event, a meager juice would do nothing and a cristal champagne would be a suitable option in this case. This is why, the first step should be to find out what should be served to the guests, and that too recommended by a caterer. When you look for the best catering options, decide on the basis of your budget, the reputation of the caterer and obviously the menu choices. Not just this, but you also need to find out that the caterer is also providing you with the setup, cleaning options and the serving as well. This all needs to be thought of first, or else it becomes a hassle in the end. 

The Event Requirements: 

It doesn’t matter if you are planning everything on your own or different companies are looped in to do the work for you. The first question that every concerned person is going to ask is what sort of an event are you having. So, will the caterer! This is due to the reason that they want to find out the nature of the event you are organizing, so the food will definitely depend on that. You might think it is easy to choose, but it is not. Especially with the corporate and black-tie event, one wrong choice can take you so down. Hence, in such cases, the caterer will decide with delicate entrees yet extravagant drinks and champagnes. On the other hand, if the event is a social gathering or a party, the junk food will be in abundance and the booze will be flowing all around. Simply put, it is necessary, you catch the vibe of the event before you make a decision on what to serve. Furthermore, other than the people who are attending, the venue and the décor setting have an impact on the food as well. If the party is on the beach, it can be turned into a bonfire. If the corporate celebration is on the yacht, there would be some lively music. The table setting, the servers and the food style all depend on the venue too. In the end, special dietary regulations or religious needs might have to be respected and put forth in some circumstances.  

Your Budget: 

Though we have put it last, but it is one of the most significant in the list. You ought to see, if you have the money to afford what you are planning to serve or not. Make sure you don’t go bankrupt serving an extravagant menu and gold champagnes just to impress the guest. While impressing is an important part, reviewing your budget is equally important. The first thing here would be to allot a certain amount to the budget you are comfortable with and experiment with the menu and the food later. 

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