Ice Making Machine – 5 Ways To Handle It Cool! 

Ice is one of the commonly used items in a restaurant or a bar in Australia considering the local weather conditions or tastes and preferences of Aussies. Ice is no different from any other food item when being abundantly used and generated on a commercial level. Therefore, it should not be treated any lesser than its other food counterparts when it comes to safety, hygiene and sanitary. We often tend to ignore this fact by relying on the misconception that no bacteria could come close to the ice due to its cold structure and demeanour but it is not true as ice though cannot be that bad due to being too cold but still pose a threat of dangerous bacterias to the health of people using it.

There are sure shot certain ways to handle ice generation in a restaurant and its serving which could otherwise be gone ignored while creating many health-related and operational issues in the machine. Additionally, it is also very important to look out for the maintenance of the commercial ice making machine, in order to make the most out of it. If despite taking the precautionary measures for the ice management and machine management, things do not work out the way you want then either change the person handling the ice or the machine which might be underperforming or has reached its age of maturity in a product life cycle.

The Ice Machine Direct in Australia have been providing its clients all kind of commercial machines for ice or flakes making in order to fulfill the needs and demands of general public indirectly while of that of the commercial businesses directly. Their guidelines regarding machine maintenance and ice handling at a respective place comes very handy in running the operations efficiently and smoothly at the eateries across Australia.

Considering the subject matter, it is imperative that a person must be aware of all the right things to manage and handle the commercial ice making machine. For that purpose, below are given a few tips to help you ace in that such as:

Cover The Hands

It is critical that the person handling the ice must wear gloves so the touch of her skin would not contaminate or transfer the bacterias or viruses from the mere touch of hands. This otherwise could cause adverse effects on the health of your clients by making you ethically responsible for the incident. Moreover, the gloves should too be changed frequently after a while as they could get contaminated too in order to avoid harming the lives of people or the commercial ice machine for sale itself.

Ice Scoops Storage & Cleaning

It is important the way you get the ice scoops from the storage; generally, one should not store the scoops in the machine as there’s a great possibility of cross-contamination especially through the handle of the commercial ice machine Australia. Therefore, store it in a separate easy to use and access holder. Also, clean it with a sanitiser or dishwasher after every while in order to keep the operational environment clean.

No Reuses

One must vow not to reuse the ice once it has left the ice bin of the machine because it has been contaminated and if you would try to put it back in the ice bin then all other fresh ice would get contaminated too. Considering this, one must discard all the leftover ice in order to vouch for the health priority of clients.


In order to not put your commercial ice machine for sale after a while, it is important to take care of its maintenance and cleaning time to time. Ideally, one should clean it at least once a month by reading the cleaning manual and sanitisation methods recommended to do the job. For this purpose, use food safety chemicals and bleach mixtures to clean and rinse the machine inside out. Usually, every commercial machine has a cleaning button on it which must be taken into account to pull off the cleaning process.

Use Water Filter

Filtration of water running through the commercial ice machine in Australia is the cheapest way to generate safe and clean ice; and, also to keep your machine from getting damaged by the various elements of water directly, adversely affecting the functions of generating ice.

By adhering to the aforementioned tips one can better handle the ice in a restaurant or a bar without having to compromise on the general health of people and machine itself. It is however recommended to hire a professional vendor to do the intermittent cleaning and maintenance of the machine for you.

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