Premier Cat Lodging

People own pets and love to take care of them. There is a variety of pets but mostly people are either cat people or dog people. When someone gets attached to their pets it’s obvious by their actions. They keep the pet with them and take them everywhere. 

In some cases, you might have to leave the city and moving to another country and it gets difficult to take them with you. The owner gets worried about the accommodation and taking care of them. As they are emotionally attached hence it gets tough to trust anyone while handing over their pets and separating them from you for a few days.  

To assist our services in Australia the cat accommodation in Sydney is here that offer a luxurious, secure and comfortable stay for your pets. We keep the cats safe in the indoor cattery. The reliable staff with the experience of three and half decade is here to help. We offer grooming and the other experiences like boarding experience. The pets feel secure, safe, happy in our accommodation. We get the best testimonials and feedback from our customers. The services are fantastic because of the staff, that is experienced. We understand that every pet is different and would be dealt with an individual manner. There might be mood swings and different behaviours of your pet. They may vary so staff understands the problem and gives the proper care and attention to every pet. The cars get to mingle with the staff easily. 


The safety and security of years are ensured. We have several happy clients who trusted us, given testimonials and always praised the services. They come to us again and again. The reputed company and facilities give us the privilege. 

The Elite Pampering 

The pets are pampered here. The environment is comfortable and cosy enough that the cats mingle into it easily. We assist the five-star services of boarding. The cats are pampered on a daily base. Their session includes playing pamper session and indulging with them. We have a range of toys and facilities where pet love to play and forgets the worries. The cat never feels homesick because they feel like home there. 

The Prime Features 

The rooms here are best and in great condition. There are private sanctuaries for private sleeping with warm cosy bedding. The living area with dining area is specified and decorated with stainless steel utensils. There are personal rooms at the ground level. The spot where are the toys and cats love to play.  The trainers offer cuddles, tummy rubs and Pat’s. These are offered for out kitty-king. 

The Food Area 

The health is the priority so delicious, Royal, quality food, Roo Near, Whiskas, Fancy Feast is the part of the meal. The kitty litter is recycled. The vets are always available. Emergency availability is there. A vet understands if a cat gets sick or showing an illness. Because of it, you need not worry about your cat’s health. 

Cat boarding 

The cat boarding prices, and date detailing is available. The prices are divided according to peak, high and low seasons. The prices vary accordingly. The cost is never compromised over quality. Here at car boarding, it is assured that your cats stay in a fully facilitated environment. They are in trained hands and we never let them feel alone or homesick.  The pictures of best cat boarding in Sydney Eastern Suburbs are available in a gallery that shows how comfortable, hygiene the environment is. 

Contact Today 

Call us now and get in touch today with our team. Hand over your pet and let us know the behaviour and routines of your pets. This way we will get a better understanding of them. This may help us to find a personalised trainer for your beloved pets.  

There is an available form with a check in date and check out date, all the details about car breed and the owner contacts and the way we will pick and deliver the cat. All this information is documented digitally. We send them the email where they get an idea. 

The Adoration 

We understand the care attachment and love of you for your pet. Thus, we never underestimate the fact that we also have to love and take care of the pet. The professional here are pet’s lover. So, they live to take your pet and treat them properly. Every cat is personally looked after and all the described things are assured. 

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