The role of criminal defence lawyer in criminal cases

Nobody is unknown to the fact that man used to live a barbarous lifestyle where he did whatever he felt like doing so no matter if that action of his is hurting or affecting the next person in the worst ways possible. The crimes like robbery, theft, murder were as common as sand. The reason for this fearlessness was that there was no higher authority to which they were answerable. There were no rules set which say that these things are not allowed and if anybody would commit them then they would be punished. However, we get to see the trend of setting and following rules with the passage of time. These rules are not just any rule rather they are approved and passed by the legislative bodies which is why they have become laws. The people who study and practice law professionally are known as lawyers. Lawyers are the people who try to provide the rights of the people while following all of the legal procedures. There are different types of lawyers. In this article, we will be discussing about the role of criminal defence lawyer based in Melbourne.

Law and lawyer: 

Law can be defined as the set of rules that have been passed and approved by the legislative bodies of the country which is why they have become a law. Each and every individual residing in a country must follow all the laws of the country otherwise he would be penalised or charged. The extent of the penalty given to the rule violator depends upon the extent of the crime. It does not matter if the person who has committed a crime is king or a beggar because equal penalty would be given to all. A lawyer is a person who defends or fights for the cases of their respective clients in the court room. They try to make their client come as a winner from the case.  

Types of lawyers: 

There are different types of lawyers who differ on the basis of the cases that they fight in the courtrooms. There are immigration lawyers who help you in the procedure of migrating to another country. Then there are contract lawyers who help in the formation of a deal between the two parties. Traffic lawyers are another kind of lawyers who defend your case if you have been caught drinking while driving and other such procedures. Chinese Family lawyers in Melbourne are the kind of lawyers who fights for the disputes that arises within the family; these cases may vary from divorce cases to child custody case and from property inheritance to child adoption case. Corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers, civilian lawyers are some other such types of lawyers. 

The role of criminal defence lawyers in criminal cases: 

Any kind of an action that has resulted in damaging or affecting the society counts as a criminal activity. These criminal activities vary from hit and run case to threatening a person. Criminal defence lawyers are the kind of lawyers who have to defend the case of their client who has committed a crime towards the society. The role of a criminal lawyer is to thoroughly look into the whole incident and try to collect as many proves as he can. Then he looks into these proves and checks that what action can go against his client so he prepares answers for those activities that how he can save his client from them. Even when a criminal defence lawyer is unable to save his client completely from the penalty or chargers but still he will be able to reduce the charges or penalty. 


A criminal defence lawyer is the person who defends the case of his client who has committed a crime towards the society. If a criminal defence lawyer is unable to save his client completely from the charges then he tries to reduce the charges or penalties by giving the facts under the pretext of legal rights. The multilingualism of lawyers helps a lot in fighting a case on behalf of their client. “Cannan lawyers” offer the best services of criminal defence lawyers and Chinese divorce lawyers as well. 

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