What to do when your car breaks down during quarantine.

Owning your own car can be an unmatched joy. For car enthusiasts your own vehicle is something you can take pride in, and can provide a good amount of stress relief when you just want to get out and go for a drive. It’s something which you can call your own, something which you can depend on and in worst case scenarios it is a long terms asset which can get your some cash if you ever want to sell it. However, with own one, comes to responsibility of taking care of it and ensuring that it doesn’t break down. You need to make sure that your car is ready to take you across the country at any time. It should be a reliable vehicle which you can count on.  

As we have been going through a difficult time around the world, our car breaking down during the pandemic can be somewhat of a death sentence. Since everything is closed these days, you need to find a solution to your car issues during this time. Here are a few tips you can consider if your car breaks down during COVID 19. 

DIY but with research 

Give it a shot yourself. If you something is wrong with the car try and fix small things here and there yourself. There is a lot you can try to do on your own and you never know, you might just get the root of the problem. It’s worth a shot, it’s better than it just sitting there right? However, we would advise that you check up a little bit online. Online guides and forums can help you sort out issues related to your car and make you somewhat of a self-taught car mechanic based in Perth. If it’s a relatively minor issue, consider googling it and see if you can fix it with the help of write ups or online videos. 

Prevent the issue occurring in the first place. 

Prevention is key when it comes to mechanics. If you aren’t take care of the car well, it’s probably going to break down at some point or another. Keeping the car dirty is usually one of the major issues which comes up to bite you in the future. Dirt is going to take its toll on the mechanics as moving parts just aren’t going to move if they are choked by mud and soot.  Moreover, keep checking on the oil and water in the car. You don’t want the car overheating. Blowing a gasket due to overheating at a time like this can mean your entire engine block opening up. 

Know when to call the mechanics 

You may not think so but there are still some mechanics who are still open. Blue Toro, one of the highest rates mechanics in Australia are still open and ready to take care of your car. If your city is in lock down, don’t fret too much, these guys are ready to come to you and sort out whatever issues you may have. Since there is little to no contact, these mechanics remained open. Moreover, after a vehicle inspection in Richmond the claim to disinfect the car before handing it back over to you. One of the best things about them is that they will come over to you if need be. Just give them a call and their mobile repair services will come over to you and sort out whatever issues you are having. 

Don’t panic 

If your car isn’t starting, worrying is not going to solve the issue. Sit back and think of an alternative solution or how to fix the car. Yes, this is a difficult time for everyone, but the world isn’t at a standstill even now. Things are still getting done and you can get your car fixed as well. Consider the mobile mechanics. They will be able to sort the issue out and get you on your way before you know it.  

We hope that this article has found you well and that it has helped you out in some way or another. We wish you the best health and hope that you take care of yourself in this difficult time that has taken over the world. Stay safe, stay home.  

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